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Especially, We provided here all the Active and Valid Green Hell Cheats for you. We will include them in the list when the developers publish new codes. So return, because we will always update our list for more codes. So, grab all these codes and get big rewards…

Single Keys cheats

F1: This Key Show the debug menu “Item”

F2: This Key Show the debug menu “Scenario”

F3: This Key Show the debug menu “Spawners”

F4: This Key Show the debug menu “Skills”

F5: This Key Show the debug menu “AI”

F6: This Key Show the debug menu “Wounds”

F7: This Key Show the debug menu “Dialogs”

F9: This Key Show the debug menu “Log”

U: This Key Unlock the story mode.

L: This Key Show the fake loading screen.

K: This Key Hide the fake loading screen

NUMPAD +: ADD +1 hour

NUMPAD –: – 1 hour

NUMPAD/: ADD + game speed.

NUMPAD ENTER: ADD + 10 hours

=: rain.

–: This Key Unlocks the cursor.

I: This Key Spawn the item of your choice (debug menu)

NUMPAD 0: This Key Spawn the creature of your choice (debug menu)

NUMPAD 2: This Key Spawn the creature of your choice as hallucination (debug menu)

NUMPAD3: This Key Spawn the creature of your choice as idling (debug menu)

NUMPAD 1: To Play the dialog of your choice as idling (debug menu)

Z: This Key Spawns an enemy wave.

F8: Use this key to complete all Blueprints.

NUMPAD 9: Use this key to Save game.

NUMLOCK: Use this key to Decreases game speed.

PAUSE: Use this key to Pauses the game

\: Use this key to Adds injury.

BACKSPACE: Use this key to 30 points of damage (with claws) to the player

V: This Key Show the diving mask.

B: This Key Show the biohazard mask.

L: Use this key to Start the goldmine dream.

F10: Use this key to Opens the crafting manager.

,: Use this key to Attach worms.

”: Use this key to To Attach leeches.

PAGE UP: Use this key to + 5 Sanity

PAGE DOWN: Use this key to – 5 Sanity

Combination of Keys cheats

L-CTRL: This Key Show the coordinates

L-CTRL + M: For Godmode

R-ALT + K: This Key Kills all the creatures.

L-CTRL + U: Complete notebook (Crafting, Item infos, Injuries, …).

L-CTRL + O: This Key Show the statistics

L-ALT + L: Use this key to 10 damage to all the creatures


L-ALT + `: Use this key to Autokill or suicide

L-ALT + L-SHIFT + `: Use this key to 25 points of damage to the player

R-ALT + F: Use this key to Spawns Fire (in hand)

R-ALT + J: Use this key to Pass out.

L-SHIFT + 5: Use this key to Saves the location.

L-SHIFT + 6: Use this key to Teleport you to the saved location.

How to Enable Green Hell Cheats?

  • Firstly right-click on the game in your stream library and then select properties.
  • Now select the Local Files tab
  • After that click on the browse local files button and wait for some time 
  • Now open the GH_Data/Resources and create the folder structure scripts/Debug in the “Resources” folder.
  • Lastly, create Debug folder and create a file that is DEBUG (empty .txt file without extension .txt).

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