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House party is a 3D comedy adventure dating simulator game. In the first few weeks of this game launch, 30,000 copies and 30,000 total sales are sold out during the first year of this game. Moreover, the game has sold over 50,000 copies worldwide.

So, if you also playing this game and searching for the House party cheats, then you came to the right place. Here we have listed some of the best working House party cheats for you, check out the given below…


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Active & Valid House party cheats for 2021

While playing this game, press the “TAB Key” button to view the console window. Open the Help Examples console to list all the COMMANDs you can use …


Change stephanie with what character you want to strip or clothing

0 for top, 1 for pants/skirt, 2 panties/boxers, 3 bra/bikini top, 4 shoes

clothing stephanie 0 off
clothing stephanie 1 off
stephanie clothing 2 off
clothing stephanie 3 off
clothing stephanie 4 off



There’s about ?25? poses just change Stephanie with the character you want to pose

pose stephanie 0 true
pose stephanie 1 true
stephanie pose 2 true
pose stephanie 3 true
pose stephanie 4 true


Boost Friendship or Romance

Console command: social [target person] player [number] [friendship or romance] add

Cheat example – social Ashley player 100 friendship add

1st term: always = social
2nd term: choose the character you want
3rd term: always = player
4th term: a number up to 100
5th term: choose between friendship or romance
6th term: always = add


House Party Cheats – Intimacy

Console command: intimacy player [charactername] [position] [se*xualact]

Cheat example – intimacy player Madison 10030 se*xualact: To have intimacy with Madison

1st term: always = intimacy player
2nd term: the character you want
3rd term position: 9000, 10000, 10011, 10030, 10050, 10051, 10052, 10053, 10054, 10055, 10056 and also 10057, try them all
4th term: always “sextu*alact”


House Party Cheats – Intimacy Sensitivity

Console command: values player Org*asmSensitivity equals [value]

Cheat example – values player Org*asmSensitivity equals 9: To adjust intimacy sensitivity to max

Furthermore, You can only adjust the value, a number from 0 (min) to 9 (max)


House Party Cheats – Body parts size

Console command: bodypart [body part] [target person] [value]

Cheat example – bodypart feet Leah 0.50: to reduce Leah’s feet by 50%

1st term: always = bodypart
2nd term – bodypart: ti*ts, head, pen*is, hands, butt, feet
3rd term: The character you want
4th term: a value from 0,1 to 0,99 to reduce or a value from 1,01 to 10 to increase


House Party Cheats – Get Drunk

Console command: social player drunk add [number]

Cheat example – social player drunk add 10

You can only change the final number, a value from 0 to 10 or 100


House Party Cheats – Remove Clothes

Console command: clothing [character name][cloth] [on or off]

Cheat example – clothing Leah 2 off: to remove Leah’s pants

1st term: always = clothing
2nd term: The character you want
3rd term – cloth: 0 = top, 1 = bottom, 2 = pants, 3 = bra, 4 = shoes
4th term: on or off (to remove)


Other Cheats & Console Commands:

ChangeSize: Change the size of people or objects.
Crosshair: Change the design of your cursor.
Dance: Make characters dance or stop dancing.
Dialogue: Trigger certain dialoguesGameMsg: Display any kind of text in the game.
Emote: Make the mimics of charac
ters change.
Events: Trigger certain events
Fade: Useless, just to fade in or fade out



Console command: [character] personality exhibitionism equals 100

Cheat example – Leah personality exhibitionism equals 100

You can only change the character name, type the character you want


House Party Cheats – Give Glasses

Console command: [character] mount item glasses head true

Cheat example – Leah mount item glasses head true

You can only change the character name, type the character you want


House Party FAQ:

How do I download Houseparty?

If you easily download the House Party game for ios, Android, operating systems. Moreover, you can also download it easily on your Windows PC and Mac OS and you can also use it as Google Chrome Extension.

How to add friends in Houseparty?

In House party game the Plus icon on the top right corner of the screen allows you to find your contacts, and it can also allow you to group multiple people together into a ‘Houseparty” for group calls. Here you can also tap the smiley face in the top left corner of the screen and click on Add friends.

How to manage with Houseparty notifications?

Are you want turnoff House party game notifications or want to get notifications for specific friends. Then click on the smiley and select manage notifications and then you can easily toggle off or on the notifications and here you can also turn on notifications for a specific friend.

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