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Westpac life insurance: Westpac was first founded in 1817. It was known in Australia as the Bank of New South Wales. The Westpac Group today has branches and operations throughout Australia and across New Zealand, London, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Westpac not only has the power of employing over 36,000 people and having more than 570,000 shareholders worldwide. In nowadays Westpac is also offering wealth management and insurance services.


Westpac life insurance policy Services Australia

With such large holdings and diverse financial services worldwide and across Australia. With Westpac, you have the option to have all of your financial products in one place.

When it comes to caring for yourself and your family, then you can choose Westpac term life insurance, which offers:

  • Your choice of benefit amount paid to your family as a lump sum should you die or have a terminal illness.
  • Moreover, you also have the option of adding insurance benefits for complete and permanent disabilities.
  • Qualify for loyalty rewards and promotions, e.g. if you are a nonsmoker, have multiple policies or keep the policy for more than three years.
  • Manage your life insurance with Westpac through your tax benefits super.
  • Automatic renewal until you’re 99, as long as your premiums remain current.
  • Moreover, you will get automatic indexation of 3% of your benefit amount each year to match and keep in the line with the consumer price index.

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Westpac income protection insurance

If you still want a portion of your salary, even if you are sick or injured, you can find out more about Westpac income protection insurance, which features:

  • If your income is likely to fluctuate or decrease, or if your income is likely to increase from the date of application, select a negotiated interest gain.
  • Automatic annual renewal until 65, irrespective of your health or lifestyle.
  • Moreover, you will get automatic indexation of your benefits to keep in line with inflation.
  • Multi-policy and loyalty discounts available, plus lower non-smokers premiums.


Westpac life insurance unit sale

The second-large bank in Australia, Westpac Banking Corp (WBC.AX), plans to sell its life insurance business, two sources reported to Reuters, where the last Big Four creditors to quit industry could be. Westpac has not reached a definitive decision on the divestment of the company, but some traction has been gained and talks are in a preliminary phase. The sources were denied because the plans were private. There was no comment from a Westpac spokesperson.


Westpac life insurance refund

Today Westpac confirmed that, when some people noticed that they did not receive support, it would provide $65 million for around 200,000 customers holding “packaged” accounts. Furthermore, Customers who have kept Premier Advantage Packages with Westpac and Advantage Packages with St. George, BankSA, or Melbourne Bank since 2010 are affected by this issue.


Westpac life insurance contact

If you have any dought regarding your insurance claim then you can easily contact the Westpac. The Westpac life insurance claims team is ready to help you to solve your problem. You can call at 132 135, Mon-Fri, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm to the Sydney and Melbourne time. The Westpac team help you in every step to claim your insurance.


Some frequently asked questions?

How much does Westpac’s life insurance cost?

Westpac says the cost of their life insurance policies depends on factors like your age, gender, cover form and amount and whether or not you smoke. Westpac also takes into account the medical history of your health and family and your occupation.

What will happen if I miss a payment

You will be given a letter of dishonor, telling you that your payment has been skipped. You can either call 131 817 (8 am-6.30 pm, Mon-Fri, Sydney time) to make the payment by credit card, or instead, the next month, two payments will be debited from your bank account.

Is this policy premium is tex detectable

That will depend on the policy form and how it is held. Moreover, Income insurance plans are usually tax-deductible, and benefits held within the pension plan are typically deductible. For general, lump-sum plans held outside of superannuation do not tax deductible1.

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